Launch date: 14/08/2021 - Kicks Online 3.0

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We are proud to announce the final version of Kicks Online 3.0 will be launched on 14/08/2021

  • New drop system
  • New missions
  • New website
  • New Kicks Market
  • New balance

More information about Kicks Online 3.0 can be found here:

We are working with a 3D Designer to make more new skills , maps and items to make the game more modern.

A countdown in the website (Servers page) will be started 24 hours before the official launch of this new version where players will have time to register their accounts before the version launch.

See you soon!

- The Kicks Online Staff


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You may now create your new account in the new version of Kicks Online 3.0 from the launcher or through our website.

NORMAL SERVER will be enabled once the countdown finish (Visit the servers page) to view the time left for the release of this new version:

Take a few minutes to read the new rules of Kicks Online which we expect to everybody respect them.

Some notes:
1) Drop system enabled after a match ends with probabilities to get a drop reward into your inventory

2) Server EXP (X5) until reaching the level 30 , then (X1) until reaching the level max

3) In the next coming days we will release our new website with new functions and with Kicks Market and KPS Trading option , meanwhile KPS trading is disabled until we finish the development of the new web

4) We are also looking forward to work with an 3D Designer to make significant changes such as (New skills , Items , Celebrations , Maps and more...)

5) FAQ and RULES Pages have been updated

We hope to see you in the launch day 14/08/21 on the final version of Kicks Online which will keep receiving updates and improvements along the time in the game and website.
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