Terms and rules

Kicks Online is a freestyle football P2P game in which the players host rooms. The game has a set of rules that the community has to respect and follow.

1. Respect other players. Inappropriate language, insults and racism are strictly forbidden in the Kicks Online game rooms and social channels.

2. It is not allowed to spam the social channels of Kicks Online.

3. Pornography and shock sites are strictly forbidden.

4. The impersonation of other Kicks Online community members is not allowed.

5. Hacks and exploits are not allowed in Kicks Online. It is forbidden to take advantage of bugs or exploits in any function of Kicks Online, on the website or in the game.

6. You may only have one account on the forum.

7. It’s not allowed to log in with multiple accounts from the same IP address.

8. Created clubs may not contain offensive names. They also have to be clearly distinguishable from other existing clubs.

9. Banned players will be unable to use any function of the Kicks Online website or the game itself.

10. Selling or trading characters outside the Kicks Market happens at your own risk.

11. Intentional boosting in the Club Match server is strictly forbidden.

12. Deleted characters cannot be restored. It’s also impossible to use the name of a deleted character unless the name was changed before the deletion.

13. Use the support function in the user panel for help and support and do not open multiple tickets regarding the same issue.

14. All Kicks Points transfers and Kash transfers are irreversible.

15. Only Kicks Online content may be posted to KicksTube.

16. Account sharing is allowed but happens at the risk of the account owner. If your friend breaks a rule on your account, you are responsible.

17. Taking advantage of any kind of bug in-game or website for it's own benefit it's strictly forbidden , always report the bug through the support ticket system or in-game to an staff member using #gm command.

18. Automatic Warning system:
Players that disconnects from any match mode (1vs1,2vs,3vs3,4vs4,5vs5)
will automatically receive a warning into their character. The staff can take action after a certain number of disconnections if deemed necessary taking in mind the reason of the warning , the date of the warning was applied , the server the match was played either NORMAL , TOURNAMENT , and any previous historial we might have of that specific player.

Avoid to getting warnings at all , either from the staff or disconnected matches , to keep a record of the complete warnings historial type in game #warnings name.